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Employee Wellness

With our 3A
(Awareness, Access & Adoption) methodology, we make employee health & wellness as simple as it should be.

Access hundreds of value creators from across segments, we bring the best in the industry to your organization.


Specially designed for startups & small enterprises. Give your startup team wings with insurance cover.

An umbrella cover that provides basic coverage and provides tax benefits to your employees.

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Wurkwell Healthy Company Index

No matter what size your enterprise is; Assess where your organization stands in the index.



Stories are to be shared, want to share your health & wellness stories with hundreds of employees and Human Resources Practitioners. 

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Benefits Explained

Benefits should not be confusing, click here to read more about what benefits you can provide to your employees via the wurkwell platform.

Value Creators

Partner with wurkwell, to provide value to hundreds of employees across India.

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For Human Resources Practioners


  • Return on Investment
  • Absenteeism
  •  Claims Data Review

Enterprise Surveys


  • Lung Awareness
  • Fitness Awareness
  • Diet Awareness
  • Ergonomics Awareness

WURKWELL is The Platform for Employee Health & Wellness.

Awareness to Health & Wellness Benefits.
Access to Preferred Fitness Centres
Access to Health & Wellness Services Round The Clock.
Single Window to all health & wellness access.
Corporate Discounts.

Enable Employee Health & Wellness in Company DNA
Inspire Employees to get Healthy & Fit
Empower Employees by providing access to health & wellness
Have a Healthy & Happy Workforce. Be A Preferred Employer, Provide New Age Benefits. Health & Wellness benefits inclusive of group medical cover. Corporate Discounts irrespective of the size of the company.

We wanted to run Health & Wellness initiatives, wurkwell by m16.health gave us the tech to run it by ourselves and we love it, never have I seen our employees so pumped up
Human Resources

Redefine Employee needs Hierarchy

After talking to countless Human Resources Professionals,  CXO’s and more importantly Employees we came up with hierarchy of needs for a modern day worker based on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. This has become our philosophy and the guide to every organization to understand where their employees are at.

WeCare AtWork™ Platform for Employers

Employer Features

Human Resources can now run employee health & wellness initiatives all through the year using the m16.health WeCare AtWork Program. From Annual Health Checks, Stress Management to Cancer Screening, we have built all the initiatives on the platform so that you can run it using OneClick service.

Employee Portal for Awareness, Access & Adoption

Employee Features

We understand the basic challenges for an individual to stay healthy & well and they are:

  1. Awareness
  2. Access
  3. Adoption

And we built the technology to solve this. The Employee self subscribe service along with WeCare AtWork™ initiatives will provide holistic awareness on staying healthy & Well.

The Employee facing platform gives access to everything an individual needs to take care of self & family. 

We took this one step further by building coupons to access experiences to

  1. Gym, Fitness & Yoga Centres for staying healthy.
  2. Access to Pscychologists, Wellness Gurus & Counsellors to Destress and to stay mindful.
  3. Access to Dietician consultations to eat right
  4. Access to services to keep oneself & more importantly family healthy & well

Organizations love our Features

Ease of Use

Scheduling an initiative such as a talk / session by a wellness guru is as easy as setting up a meeting on calendar.

Programmable Initiatives

Pre-configured? Yes! But you get to decide what initiatives you want to activate for your organization / department / team.

All Inclusive for Employees

Titanium+ gives employees access to all wellness activities and they don't have to pay anything from their pocket. This gives them freedom and this gives organisations healthy & happy workforce

Huge Discounts for Employees

Employees will reap the benefit of discounts as we bring unrivalled corporate discounts to all organisations irrespective of size.

Access to Value Creators

Value creators are now accessible with a click of a button, you can choose an Yogacharya / Wellness Guru / Health Screening based on the best match.

Available Pan India

For companies that are located at various cities in India, you can run the initiatives across multi locations.


m16.health Platform
500 / PEPM
  • 5 Free Preventive Health Checks at Office
  • Employees Can Order Health & Wellness Services at huge discounts
  • Employee can Manage Personal + Family Health Charts
  • Annual Subscription Fee
  • 25% Cash back on all Diagnostic Tests
  • Upto 30% off on Medications


WeCare AtWork™ ​+ Coupons
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  • Everything in Titanium
  • +
  • Pre-loaded coupons for all the employees to access based on employee interest for
  • Gym, Yoga, Fitness Regimes, Diet Consultation, Doctor Consultation, Stress Counsellor, Life Coaches

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