Wurkwell | Workplace Wellness Platform

Our team

We are a team of individuals with goals that match our vision.

Anil JJ

Founder & CEO

Helping folks manage their health & wellness is my goal and now it’s a venture.

Robin Antony


Customer Support & Service is my goal and I’m here to help folks get the best of service.


Customer Success

Helping clients reach their maximum throughput by enabling their employees is my goal.

Rachel K


Liasoning between care providers and consumers and connecting the dots in between is what drives me.

Deepak Sharma


Using Technology to solve real world problems and building solutions that help and matter to people drives me.

Sejal Dalal


Products should be simple & easy to use. I take pride in what we build and how easy it is for everyone to use our apps.

Anmol Malik

Anmol Malik


Converting ideas into tech enabled solutions. I build apps that help people manage their Health & Wellness.

Tina Jain

Corporate Sales

Enabling Organizations to power up their workplace wellness.