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Cancer Screening for Employees

Cancer Screening for Employees

Cancer is curable if it is found in the early stages. 

m16.health has partnered with the best in the industry to give your employees access to cancer screening.

As an Employer you can run initiatives such as Breast Cancer Screening and other Cancer checks on premise or give an option to employees to book one at their convenience.

From Awareness of Cancer, Access to checkups & Adopting a regime that will help employees is our mission when it comes to Cancer.

Schedule a meeting with our executive on how to conduct a camp, collaterals, artifacts & brochures that you can give to your employees.

Breast Cancer SCreening

Lung Cancer Screening

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m16.health is India’s first employee health and wellness benefits platform, the platform along with our WeCare AtWork™ program can transform your employees’ health & wellness at work.

We understand companies like yours often face challenges where employees need help/assistance with health benefits, stress management, holistic wellness and we have the perfect platform for you to Inspire, Enable & Empower your employees

Our mission is to increase Awareness, provide Access & Improve Adoption for a healthy lifestyle.

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