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Dhaval Bhadeshiya

I am a Precision Nutrition Coach and American council on exercise certified Personal Trainer.

I'll personally help get you into the best shape of your life.

Dhaval Bhadeshiya

About Me

I help working professionals, Lose fat, Look and Feel Better by eating right.

Get Stronger and have pain free daily activities by working out effectively and safely.


And Improve Health by managing stress adopting a healthy and fit lifestyle ANYWHERE, ANYTIME and EVERY TIME.

Dhaval Bhadeshiya Squatting

What You Get


I will help you move better by sharing safe and effective exercise plans and ideas for movement. This will help you get stronger and active.


I will help you make the right and healthy eating choices for your personal needs. You will be able to eat healthily and improve your health. Anywhere, anytime and every time. No complicated and boring diet plans.


I will help you include health and fitness in your lifestyle by forming healthy habits, building the environment that supports your health and fitness goals and providing you support and coaching.


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His strength in technology and knowledge in fitness makes him a lethal combo for an online fitness coach. I have seen him from the early days in fitness and I am amazed with the ease he navigates through the challenges and always has a solution. He is hungry for knowledge and when it gets combined with execution, which i think is his strength, there is nothing that will stop him !!!
Milin Mathew
Co-Founder at Trio-Fit and The Republic Of Fitness
He is extremely approachable and is more than happy to assist and share knowledge.

The best part is he always comes up with unique hacks on how one must perform exercises which invariably improve your strength. He is your man to go to.
Vijay Ch
IT Professional
I really like the way you ask us to maintain the diet.

All food items are good and they have equal importance. If you overdose on something, then only it is a problem. Your work out schedule is really good. The person who wants to increase their intensity and for the person who doesn’t want to.
Shukla Shantakumar
IT Professional