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Diagnostics & Lab Tests

Diagnostics & Lab Tests

m16.health provides diagnostics & lab tests with our https://m16labs.com portal.

Accessible across all major cities in India.

We provide AtHome, AtWork at a convenient time of the employee or the dependents.

All members part of the corporate plans will get 25% cash back on all tests ordered on m16labs.com


Free Eye Checkup Camp

25% Cashback for corporates

Available in all Major Cities

Guaranteed Quality of Service

About Us

m16.health is India’s first employee health and wellness benefits platform, the platform along with our WeCare AtWork™ program can transform your employees’ health & wellness at work.

We understand companies like yours often face challenges where employees need help/assistance with health benefits, stress management, holistic wellness and we have the perfect platform for you to Inspire, Enable & Empower your employees

Our mission is to increase Awareness, provide Access & Improve Adoption for a healthy lifestyle.

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