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Workforce Needs its Nutrition

What you eat is what you become, Our expert Dieticians & Nutritionists understand the challenges working men & women have in managing their diet.

Our diet plans are simple, effective & easy to follow.

Coupled with talks at office and one to one consultations have proven effective & successful.

Your employees will appreciate that you care about them and getting them access to Diet & Nutrition consulting shows up.

Providing Awareness, Access & Adoption to your employees will benefit your organization and the employees.

We have integrated Diet plans into our care plans so it’s just not a diet plan, it’s a diet plan with a goal. All our consultations are goal based, we work on the goals and help employees reach their goals.

Diet Plans

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About Us

m16.health is India’s first employee health and wellness benefits platform, the platform along with our WeCare AtWork™ program can transform your employees’ health & wellness at work.

We understand companies like yours often face challenges where employees need help/assistance with health benefits, stress management, holistic wellness and we have the perfect platform for you to Inspire, Enable & Empower your employees

Our mission is to increase Awareness, provide Access & Improve Adoption for a healthy lifestyle.

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