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Workout at your Preferred Gym, Fitness or Yoga Center.

A lot of people just don’t try because they don’t have access to fitness centres. As part of the m16.health subscription, employees get access to gym & fitness centres.

No commitments, just workout and stay fit, we keep adding more value centres every day.

Access to all the partnered Gyms​

Present in Bangalore & NCR

Fitness Assessments

Outdoor Fitness is now part of m16.health

About Us

m16.health is India’s first employee health and wellness benefits platform, the platform along with our WeCare AtWork™ program can transform your employees’ health & wellness at work.

We understand companies like yours often face challenges where employees need help/assistance with health benefits, stress management, holistic wellness and we have the perfect platform for you to Inspire, Enable & Empower your employees

Our mission is to increase Awareness, provide Access & Improve Adoption for a healthy lifestyle.

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