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m16.health Platform
500 / PEPM
  • Employees Can Order Health & Wellness Services at huge discounts
  • Employee can Manage Personal + Family Health Charts
  • Annual Subscription Fee
  • 25% Cash back on all Diagnostic Tests
  • Upto 30% off on Medications
  • Free Preventive Health Checks at Office


WeCare AtWork™ ​+ Coupons
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  • Everything in Titanium
  • +
  • Pre-loaded coupons for all the employees to access based on employee interest for
  • Gym, Yoga, Fitness Regimes, Diet Consultation, Doctor Consultation, Stress Counsellor, Life Coaches

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m16.health Employee Health & Wellness Platform

Provides unrivalled access to all health & wellness needs to the employee and their family members.

Corporate discounts for all your employees accessible all throughout the year

Guaranteed Quality of Service

WeCare AtWork™ Employee Health & Wellness Program

Smart Assess & Run Module to know what is causing pain in your Organization / Department / Team & Run Initiatives to Mitigate Them

All Year Round Program to Ensure That Your Employees Stay Engaged & Healthy

Chose Your Value Creator & Value Centers As Needed

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